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Envelope Node

Create an envelope, spanning the entire project duration.

For example, this Node can be used to fade phases in a song in and out, by connecting to a Gain Node‘s gain control input.


The envelope can be edited on the Timeline (right click or touch+hold on the Timeline, then choose Edit). See Using the Envelope Editor for more information.


DeclickWhen set, “clicks” are removed from the output by applying small amounts of smoothing.

Track name Sets a name to display on the Patcher and the Timeline.
Min. value Sets the output value when the envelope is 0.
Max. value Sets the output value when the envelope is 1.
Logaritmic output When set, the envelope is squared before transforming to the specified output values.


Envelope The current envelope value.

Audio and Control lines (visualized with blue and purple, respectively) are both analogous to an analog signal.
They can be used interchangeably, and, for example, an Audio output (blue) can be connected to a Control input (purple), or vice-versa.

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