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Greater Than Zero Node

Simple Node that outputs 1 when its input is greater than zero, and 0 otherwise.



Value The Audio/Control line to transform.


Threshold Sets a non-negative value above which the input is no longer considered zero (inclusive).
For example, if Threshold is set to 0.2, this Node will output 1 when the input is greater than or equal to 0.2, and 0 otherwise.


Value The transformed Audio/Control line.

Audio and Control lines (visualized with blue and purple, respectively) are both analogous to an analog signal. They can be used interchangeably, and, for example, an Audio output (blue) can be connected to a Control input (purple), or vice-versa.


Connecting a sine oscillator (with an output range of [-1, 1]) to this Node and setting Threshold to 0 will create a perfect square wave (1 sample rise time and fall time).

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