Works out of a honesty box

AudioNodes is lovingly crafted by a tiny team, and is backed by volunteers from the community, like you, donating a few coins when downloading. Backers get early access to cool experimental features, future access to amazing premium services for free, and more with every update.

Thank you.

Don't see your platform listed?

If AudioNodes is not available on your platform, try AudioNodes Online, which is available on all platforms with a modern web-browser. It contains almost every single feature of AudioNodes desktop, plus OneDrive and Dropbox integration to work with your files in the cloud!

More information and frequently asked questions

It's simple, when downloading AudioNodes, you are free to decide its price yourself (optional). This is a pay-what-you-want download (also known as a honesty system), and this is the process that funds the development effort.

Simply specify a non-zero price (at least 1$) during the download process, and enjoy all the benefits of being a supporter! Some supporter-only benefits, such as experimental features, become available when inputting the license key you received during the download (on the Settings page), some benefits become available in the near future.

Already downloaded? No problem, you can repeat the download process with a new pay-what-you-want price.

Thank you for considering your support. 🙂

Experimental features are new additions to AudioNodes that have been already tested in our internal environment, but either require additional live testing from You, or have some situational limitations or technical issues (e.g. performance problems) that are still being worked on. Nevertheless, experimental features are ready to be used when made available.

Experimental features are visible inside AudioNodes itself (but disabled unless enabling them from Settings), or listed in the release notes.

Enabling experimental features is only available to supporters after activating a license key received during the download (internet connection required), this is one of our ways to thank You for your help.

In parallel to AudioNodes, we are also developing a set of free and premium services to enhance your experience with AudioNodes. Although the exact set of these services is still subject to change, as well as their estimated release date, you can always check out the roadmap to see what you can expect.

Due to a considerable scale of anticipated maintenance costs, some of these services will only be available through a premium (paid) subscription service. However, when released, supporters will get these services for free, either for a generous duration, or for a lifetime long duration (depending on contribution amount).

You may see a message akin to the following, when trying to install AudioNodes:

Windows SmartScreen prevented an unrecognized app from running. Running this app might put your PC at risk.

(Or a similar equivalent on mac.)

Windows and mac have a built-in security feature, which prevents applications from running if they are deemed unknown. On Windows, this feature is called SmartScreen. Whether an app is deemed unknown or not is determined by a threshold of downloads that were detected previously on other devices. Since AudioNodes is still a new thing, this download threshold has not been met yet. This warning will go away over time, and you can safely ignore it if you downloaded from here.

How to solve this problem

On Windows, you have two options: you can either (1) click on the More Info button on the security warning, then click the Run Anyway button, or (2) before running the installer, right click the installer, select properties, then tick Unblock at the bottom right corner of the properties box.

On macOS, find AudioNodes using the Finder, Control+click the AudioNodes icon, then select Open from the menu. Alternatively, you can also click the Open Anyway button in the General page of Security & Privacy settings.

Is it safe to Run Anyway?

In the case of the AudioNodes installer, that you downloaded from this very page (https secured), yes. You can also scan the installer with your anti-virus to ensure everything is right.

External articles with more information

We are conducting tech support for everyone on the community discussion board. Please create an account (or login with Facebook) using the same e-mail address you used to download AudioNodes, and feel free to post your question. Make sure to include as many relevant details as possible.

Have more questions? Please, join us on the discussion board.

Thank you for trying AudioNodes, and good luck!